Choice Community Affairs and Charities

Choice Environmental knows that our services work at the community level. We value the communities we work in, and actively participate and contribute to local organizations and charities.

We strive to be an asset within all our local communities, and enjoy being a part of the support necessary to make our communities thrive.

Below is a list of the organizations and charities we support:

• Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation • Gift of Life Foundation-(Chairman Member)-providing heart surgery for children • Helping Hands of Harbor Town Cancer Foundation • Freedom Waters Foundation- Boating & Fishing trips for special needs children • Here’s Help Inc.Foundation-VIP Gold donor • Council for Educational Change • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation • Memorial Bone Marrow Transplant Fund • Toys in The Sun Run –for cancer treatment • American Cancer Society Relay for Life • EIA Women’s Council Carts on Parade-for the Boys and Girls Clubs • Hollywood Welcomes the Stars-Boys and Girls Clubs • Bobbie and the Strays Animal Rescue • Town of Miami Lakes 10th anniversary celebration • Hollywood Hills United Methodist Church • Miami/Dade Martin Luther Day Parade • City of Opal Locka –Street Naming Ceremony • EASE Foundation and Project Stable for children’s physical skills • 40th Anniversary of Earth Day -People and Planet Fair • Town of Miami Lakes annual Elderly Affairs Dinner • Collier County Bay Clean Up • Concerns of Police Survivors • Miami/Dade School Board “kids recycle program” • Friends of the Parks-Broward County • South Broward Hospital District • JJF Hand Controls for the Handicapped • 33rd Broward County Annual Waterway Cleanup • Hurricane Relief Haiti-Rear Load Packer Donation • South Florida Reuse and Recycling Institute • Highlands County Clean Up Day • 20th Anniversary South Florida Police Motorcycle Training • Town of Miami Lakes Chamber of Commerce Taste of the Town Festival • Miami Dade Coastal Clean Up • Broward League of Cities • Sponsor Boys and Girls Clubs events of Miami,Broward and Collier County • City of Hollywood Hometown Fourth of July sponsor • Junior Deputies of Collier County Fishing and Camping Trip • Highlands County Police Patrol • Lee County Bay Day Clean Up • Inlet Challenge Bicycle Ride for kids in distress • City of Opal-Locka Arts and Crafts Festival.