Going Green

Choice Environmental Services is committed to doing its part to help ensure a clean air environment. Choice rolled out a new fleet of compressed natural gas (“CNG”) refuse trucks on Nov. 1, becoming the first private waste hauler in south Florida to abandon diesel fuel for a portion of its operations in favor of cleaner-burning natural gas. Choice Environmental hosted an open house on Oct. 29, complete with political and business dignitaries, to launch its new CNG operation in south Florida. The open house was held at the company’s Pompano Beach CNG fueling station, designed, built and operated by Clean Energy Fuels Corp. of California. It is Clean Energy’s first CNG fueling station in Florida.

Choice’s CEO Glen Miller told the gathering at the open house, “Our company is pleased to begin transitioning our fleet of trucks from diesel fuel to clean-burning natural gas. We are excited and proud to be the first commercial waste company in Florida to deploy clean, quiet CNG-powered collection vehicles. Choice is committed to doing our part to reduce America’s dependence on imported oil, and to helping ensure a clean air environment for the communities we serve.”

The fleet of trucks will reduce harmful emissions by over 25 percent compared to diesel-fueled trucks, according to company officials. The new trucks are also fully automated residential collection vehicles, with high compaction bodies that will reduce the number of trips they’ll need to make to the landfill.

Government officials who addressed guests at the ribbon-cutting ceremony included: John Seiler, Mayor of the City of Fort Lauderdale; Kristin Jacobs, Broward County Commissioner; Patricia Asseff, City of Hollywood, Florida Commissioner; and Michael Pizzi, City of Miami Lakes, Florida Mayor. This is what they said.

John Seiler – Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, Florida “We’ve been talking about how to make it [Fort Lauderdale] a better place to live, work, play and raise a family. Well, this does it right here.”

Kristin Jacobs – Broward County (Florida) Commissioner “Broward County, as a county leads, by having the largest alternative fuel vehicle fleet in the South East United States – and we’re pretty proud of that marker. But nothing really helps move us forward unless you have companies and cities that are willing to go push us to the next level. And that’s what Choice has done today.”

Patricia Asseff – City of Hollywood, Florida Commissioner “This is a great new industry for the state of Florida. Instead of tourism, let’s think energy. We’re looking to get the next CNG station here in Hollywood. We’re looking to get our trucks to say Clean Energy.”

Michael Pizzi – City of Miami Lakes, Florida Mayor “I’m jealous that you guys [Broward County] have all of these beautiful clean and green, fantastic trucks helping the people in Broward. We’ve got to get some of these trucks in Dade County. People use the word ‘green’ frequently and a lot of people aren’t sure what it means. If you want to know what the word ‘green’ means, it’s what Pompano, and Ft. Lauderdale, and Choice, and Broward are doing today. If you want to know what environmentally friendly, controlling emissions means, it means actually doing it. I’m very proud that. Choice Environmental Services: they’re walking the walk in terms of climate control. I’m hoping we’re following your lead Mayor [of Fort Lauderdale], and that we get some of these trucks in Dade County.”